NOTICE: this is very much a work in progress . . . i don't know when this website will have anything to show . . .

welcome 2 my web site !

welcome to calculus (=^・ω・^=)
my name is nico, and this is my little internet project. i'm mostly a hobbyist coder, so i apologize if anything on this website is broken/odd. if you do find something, please let me know through the chatbox or my neocities profile. thank you very much :3

please keep in mind:
this site is not optimized for mobile phones! there is very little to see at the moment, as none of the nav links are working yet. please be patient! for now, i think this site will just be one of the many personal sites on neocities. enjoy your stay!

for now, here's a song i like:


to-do list